Want to advertise?

Not coming outWe offering the opportunity to advertise on our photo blog.

We have several options that you can check out:

  • Once in a month, permanent sponsored link:
    • 25 Dollar/month
    • 75 Dollar/ quarter
    • 200 Dollar/year
  • Once in a month sponsored banner:
    • 30 Dollar/month
    • 90 Dollar/month
    • 250 Dollar/month
  • FientjeTwice in a month, permanent sponsored link:
    • 45 Dollar/month
    • 135 Dollar/quarter
    • 400 Dollar/year
  • Twice in a month, permanent sponsored banner:
    • 55 Dollar/month
    • 165 Dollar/month
    • 495 Dollar/year
  • If you are doing a banner you have to provide us the banner and the link
  • We check out the link if it is fitting our profile as a pet friendly site.
  • We only do banners and link on this photo blog. If you want sponsored product reviews/artikels check out our other site: www.timecat.agency
  • Contact us if you are looking for more options, we gladly work with you to find your perfect advertisement package
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us: billy @ timecat.agency

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